What’s Happening in Georgetown Township

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  1. Early Voting

    Early Voting for the Presidential Primary begins Saturday, February 17. Voters will have nine additional days prior to each state and federal election where they may cast their ballot. To learn more about locations and times, click here.  Georgetown Township now has three Absentee Ballot drop boxes that are available 24/7 for each election. The locations of each drop box are as follows:


    • Georgetown Township Office (1515 Baldwin Street)
    • Fire Station # 1 (1415 44th St.)                                   
    • Fire Station #3 (7480 36th Ave)
  1. Photo

    The Department of Public Works staff is in the process of converting water utility services over to the new metering system.  For proficiency, we will be working our way through the Township one section at a time. Utility customers will be mailed a letter requesting that you call the Township Office to schedule an appointment for the meter change. This work will be performed from the interior of your home and will require that the water be shut off for approximately 1 hour.  Your collaboration with this effort is appreciated and will contribute to the completion of this project in an efficient manner.

  1. PulsePoint

    The Georgetown Township Fire Department is announcing the launch of PulsePoint, an app designed to help community members save lives. Cardiac arrest causes 300,000-450,000 deaths each year in the U.S. If CPR and an AED are administered within the first few minutes, the chances of survival are dramatically increased. With PulsePoint, everyday citizens with CPR/AED training are empowered to provide life-saving assistance to nearby victims as emergency responders make their way to the scene. Anyone with the app located within close proximity of the incident can receive a push notification alerting them of the emergency, as well as if there is an AED nearby. Visit your preferred app store for the app.