Georgetown Water Facts
  • The water system has a storage capacity of 13 millions gallons.
  • A new elevated tank is being built at 9045 36th Avenue.
  • On a peak summer day, we consume 15 million gallons of water in 1 day!
  • During the winter, we consume 75 million gallons of water in 1 month.
  • We regularly test our water to assume drinking safety.
  • Check for leaks! Toilets, sinks, and sprinkling systems that are not maintained will often develop leaks.
Check every faucet from attic to basement and in the yard. Replace worn washers and defective fixtures. Check for toilet leaks by coloring the water in the flush tank with household bluing. If colored water appears in the bowl without flushing, adjustments or repairs are needed. Turn off all faucets and connections, then read your meter twice, about 60 minutes apart. If the second reading is higher, you have a leak in your system that needs attention.